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Welcome to the Daenilion Holds. Here, Bandits raid, Orcs and Goblins ravage, and armies from neighboring regions have sought to take control of the holds from the capitol, “Nahondri” for decades. Because of the savage and continual harshness of the region, Nahondri implemented a militaristic state conscription about 20 years ago to swell their army and protect the region with a sense of unity.

Magic is not what it once was in millennia past. While primal and celestial magic (anything channeled through the planet or through a deity) is still reliable, traditional magic remains unstable and mysterious and only a handful of mages have been able to capture a fraction of what it once was. Relics of a paradise lost are still abundant and recovered by brave adventurers often.

In addition to political and martial strife, what once were allies have secluded themselves, and strange happenings are becoming more frequent not only in the Holds, but in neighboring regions as well.

You all find yourselves in the Hold of Hoenheim, which lies in the northeastern edge of the Daenilion Holds.

Home Page

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